Are you a young adult between the ages of 16-30 looking to build confidence and leadership skills?

Do you wish to be an agent of positive change?

Are you looking to meet and connect with other young adults from diverse faith and cultural communities?

Through Our Eyes is an opportunity to embrace and explore diversity through media arts and dialogues workshops. You will participate in a program that includes 3 workshop series where you will have the opportunity to work with peers from diverse backgrounds.


Part 1. Reconciliation Dialogue Workshop

Learn about the legacy of residential schools and understanding reconciliation.
Cost: Free Click here for more info

Part 2. Film & Video Training + Video Contest

Learn to use a smartphone or tablet to create professional and compelling videos and enter them into our contest.
Cost: FREE Click here for
more info.

Part 3. Facilitator Training

Learn to facilitate group discussions. Cost: FREE Click here for more info.

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